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Five Happy Links

A weekly digest of happy links to make you smile and feel good. 

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It’s OK to Grieve the Small Things

Embracing the fact that even the minor changes make major waves. 

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Isolated, Not Alone

People with loved ones who have died from COVID-19 are dealing with grief and isolation in a time when they need support the most. We’re here to bring it to them. 

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When Corona Ends…

List and keep safe the top five things you will do when the coronavirus ends 

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Get a Pen Pal

Article which tells the benefits and instructions on how to get a pen pal 

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Buddy Bot – automated messages of positivity and health

Hi! I’m Buddy – Here to text you wellness tipsand positive messages. 

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Quarantine Together

Get together, meet new people, and stay connected even in the time of quarantine. Virtual events to provide connection. 

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Practical Ways to Keep Calm

An article with Caroline Welch about how we can pave a pathway, especially during these especially challenging times, for living with more presence and meaning through an approach she calls the 3Ps… 

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How to stay psychologically resilient

A psychologist’s science-based tips for emotional resilience during the coronavirus crisis 

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Free Resources from Calm

Without a doubt, many of us are feeling anxious as we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19. We’re feeling it too, and we wanted to share some of the tools we’re using to take care of our… 

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