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Write about your feelings or create a new world that is under your control. Unleash your imagination. This is your space to overcome stress and support others in doing so. 

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Five Happy Links

A weekly digest of happy links to make you smile and feel good. 

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It’s OK to Grieve the Small Things

Embracing the fact that even the minor changes make major waves. 

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Isolated, Not Alone

People with loved ones who have died from COVID-19 are dealing with grief and isolation in a time when they need support the most. We’re here to bring it to them. 

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When Corona Ends…

List and keep safe the top five things you will do when the coronavirus ends 

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Get a Pen Pal

Article which tells the benefits and instructions on how to get a pen pal 

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Atoms Everyday Face Mask

Comfortable everyday mask, with a polyester blend outer layer and a copper-lined ionized quartz yarn inner layer. $12 

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COVID-19 Financial Resources for Freelancers

A breakdown of all the support and financial aid available to you today and notes about what’s likely to come. For every state, we’ve included relevant contact info for your government agencies,… 

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Buddy Bot – automated messages of positivity and health

Hi! I’m Buddy – Here to text you wellness tipsand positive messages. 

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Are We Out of Masks?

We track the stock of face masks immediately available for purchase, give tips on buying them, and present a lot of background research on the benefits of mask wearing. 

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