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Covid-19 Printables

A large repository of help printables 

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Coronavirus Near Me

Learn about the latest coronavirus case numbers in your vicinity in the US 

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COVID-19 Financial Resources for Freelancers

A breakdown of all the support and financial aid available to you today and notes about what’s likely to come. For every state, we’ve included relevant contact info for your government agencies,… 

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John Hopkins University Coronavirus Information

Hyper-local, county-level information to keep up to date on what’s going on directly in your community 

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Coronavirus Preparedness Supply Finder

Protect yourself from price gouging and know what’s in stock online. 

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Are We Out of Masks?

We track the stock of face masks immediately available for purchase, give tips on buying them, and present a lot of background research on the benefits of mask wearing. 

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Social Distancing Scoreboard

Compare your community’s social distancing activity to its activity prior to COVID-19 

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COVID-19 Data Hub Site

Get maps, datasets, applications, and more for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) 

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Covid-19 Live Stats Tracker

Live data from BNO News, CDC and WHO sources 

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Covid-19 Infograph

Information is Beautiful is dedicated to helping you make clearer, more informed decisions about the world. All our visualizations are based on facts & data: constantly updated, revised &… 

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